How to avoid chatter and resonance problems.


Our MetalMax™ software provides a Stability Diagram that maps the ideal spindle speeds to stay away from Chatter and Resonance regions while providing the Maximum Material Removal Rates. It uses a technique known as Modal Analysis (Tap testing) to determine the structural characteristics of your specific tool/holder/spindle stack-up. 

Every machine has its own unique structural characteristics (fingerprint) that can be seen in a stability diagram. These diagrams are extremely powerful in the hands of your CNC programmers as a useful road map when choosing optimal cutting parameters on all your projects.

Our Harmonizer® software uses a patented audio technique to listen to your process to analyze for chatter and resonance behaviors and recommends optimal spindle speeds. By entering a few key variables, Harmonizer can quickly and accurately recommend optimal spindle speeds based on your unique situation.

VantagePoint’s MetalMAX gives you:
  • Astonishingly smooth cuts
  • Optimal tool performance/tool life maximized
  • Superior finishes
  • Perfectly accurate parts

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