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In our shop we utilize a number of non-contact measurement systems produced by GOM GmbH to provide extraordinarily accurate and detailed measurement data of complex components. Traditional measurement methods are capable of collecting several thousand data points within minutes; our non-contact optical scanners can capture millions of data points with one image.

Essentially, 3D Scanning measures the complex geometries of a physical component and recreates it in the digital world. The digital point clouds it generates can be used for a multitude of important functions such as detailed surface profile inspection, reverse engineering, adaptive machining, dimensional layout, 3D printing, photogrammetry, and even used for animation and rendering applications.

The Most Advanced 3D Scanning Equipment

ATOS III Triple Scan

Industrial grade Blue Light 3D scanning system capable of generating ultra-high resolution point cloud STL mesh. When combined with the MC-XL & TRITOP systems can reach image resolution down to 0.001mm (0.00004”).

MC-XL 6-Axis Motion Control System

Production level automation solution providing repeatability & process integrity. Measure each part precisely the same way every time, with a working area of 1,710mm (X), 750mm (Y), continuous (Z) with a payload up to 480lbs.

ATOS Core 300

Light weight and powerful mobile Triple Scan Blue Light scanning solution offering image resolution of 0.12m (0.004”). Used with TRITOP Photogrammetry System to increase overall measurement accuracy for large and small projects.

TRITOP—Digital Photogrammetry System

24 mega pixel photogrammetry system able to perform fast and accurate 3D point measurements & deformation analysis. Also used with ATOS III & CORE Triple Scan Systems to increase overall measurement accuracy for projects from ranging in size from 38mm to 30m.

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