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VantagePoint offers leading-edge services using equipment like no other. If you’re looking for innovative solutions utilizing 3D Scanning or MetalMAX, VantagePoint is your single point of contact.

VantagePoint is the Midwest GOM expert.

GOM is a global industrial partner that develops and produces the finest optical measurement solutions and technologies. VantagePoint uses this cutting-edge digital imaging technology to assist clients with product development, quality assurance, advanced machining and full-field inspection solutions.

MetalMAX means better, more accurate solutions.

VantagePoint is an industrial partner with the country’s top machine-tool dynamists and academics researchers in the field. Using state of the art equipment and techniques coming directly from the latest research, VantagePoint can dramatically improve your productivity.


Meet Mike.

Highly skilled and experienced engineers at your service.

Before founding VantagePoint, Mike worked directly with advanced manufacturing research institutions from the United States and Europe with a focus on gas turbine manufacturing technologies. Mike wanted to bring the...


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